Explore, Consolidate & Visualize Your Data.


Proven Ability to Deliver


We’ve solved tough data problems for some of the world’s largest organizations and biggest brands. We also
work with rapidly-growing companies who need fast solutions to fuel growth.


Examples of data visualizations recently developed by Seabourne.

Liberate your data

At Seabourne we partner with our clients to design solutions that deliver business value to data-intensive organizations across many industries (government, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, non-profit, energy, and more).


Seabourne turns complex data into insight-rich information tools for you, your organization, or millions of public users. We use an array of proven pre-built modules making interactive data visuals highly customizable as well cost-effective compared to pre-built vendor and built-from-scratch tools. See DataDash for more details.

Modern organizations use software to organize their operations and to capture their proprietary processes. Such data-intensive software applications organize, analyze, and automate business processes. We build products and solutions for our clients that leverage the value of their data and rationalize their proprietary processes.

Organizations can only reap the benefits of software when the data they need is easily accessible. We make data accessible to our clients and their favorite applications (business intelligence, CRM, business software, websites, APIs, and more) by integrating, enriching, migrating, cleansing, publishing and liberating data sources of all types.

Simple Approach. Amazing Results.

Our team will help you get the most out of your data. We partner with our customers to provide full-service solutions, from project concept to implementation. Work with us to take advantage of your next data opportunity.

Assess your data technology and infrastructure, identify weak points and missed opportunities. Explore how your organization’s data practices compare with industry standards. Pragmatic recommendations increase the usability and value of your data.

Let’s collaborate to architect and develop a solution for your most challenging data needs. Flexible, modular components lower development cost and are future-proof. Professional delivery standards guarantee quality and value for your business.

Do you know how your organization’s data practices compare with those of your industry? We provide recommendations on data strategies that enable and feed growth. We can help you leverage new opportunities with the systems and data you already have.

Explore, consolidate and visualize your data.