How we ensure repeatable success when every client and every engagement is different?

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At Seabourne, like at many other boutique consulting firms, we have searched for better ways to provide clients with highly customized expert solutions without loosing sight of the need to work fast and efficiently for the profitability of our firm. Clients expect the same. Our clients want:

  • Predictable success in the face of pains/challenges that seem to augment unpredictability and risks, for them personally and for their organization.
  • Help from an exceptional consulting team with the expertise to put them ahead of competition, or to reach their most ambitious performance goals.

To make this even more challenging, each of our practice areas is vast and can lead down many different roads: technology strategy, data visualization, data technology, and data analytics with clients in multiple industries, public sector and non-profit.

Finding a passage to repeatable excellence

There is a territory we like to cross with a client as we travel our relationships. It lies at the cross of a client’s pains and our most expert practice areas. This is where we can be a valuable partner while essentially applying a repeatable processes to new and unique problems.

Clients are themselves experts in their professions, like we are in ours. As such, they know their domain on a whole other level. Their level of abstraction about their specialties (municipal services, electricity distribution, or clinical drug trials) is much higher than ours. As consultants we have to quickly become familiar with client businesses (strategy, business processes). This said, we do not necessarily have an integrated vision of our clients’ professions. We cannot tell, for instance, what R&D inventions are likely to see market success in their business, or what schools train the best specialists for their industry.

We have an integrated view of the process through which we help clients:

For instance, we know how to quickly gage how a client businesses (wether successful or not) compares to others in terms of maturity in strategy, data technology, or data analytics. Clients are at a recognizable and measurable point of the continuum between total confusion and transformational success. On that road from one to the other, client organizations need to hit specific milestones to be able to move forward as an organization. There are specific systems, methodologies, technologies which we know how to deploy and leverage to help clients along the way. And there are clients with problems we cannot solve because they fall far out of our areas of expertise of course.

Fast, affordable, reliable and repeatable excellence

Repeat success is not out of this world

Multiple stages of client involvement:

  • New clients are often in a quest for the right approach and need us to start with strategic planning or business analysis projects which help us map the future of tangible solutions that lies ahead of them.
  • Later on or with more “mature” engagements, we are going to build data technology solutions, assist in complex data integration processes, etc.

Because we do this repeatedly, we can pace through the process fast and have enough time and resources available for learning new things.

A unique methodology:

With this level of sophistication in consulting practices, we are able to also follow a very agile but predictable approach to work delivery. We have developed a hybrid project delivery methodology which associates the best of Agile/Scrum approaches with more control-oriented methods like PMP or PRINCE2. You can read more about it here. This said, this method affords us a delivery path where we can offer clients the best of both worlds as long as they are willing to work collaboratively and in small increments (3 to 6 months). Furthermore, we strongly believe in this approach because we see it as the only way to deliver fast, predictable results. And we know our clients love that capability.


Next steps: How to experience Seabourne’s approach

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