Oregon Education Pathways

Showing the long-term impacts of education

The Oregon Business Council's Oregon Learns initiative wanted to give policy makers a powerful new tool for understanding the impacts of graduation rates and education attainment on oregon student...
Women in Public Serivce Project

Understanding the global state of gender equality

The Women in Public Service Project wanted to create the first comprehensive clearinghouse for global gender equality data. The challenge was complex: they need to identify high-value data sets from m...
Visualization, Engineering, Strategy
IoT Data Monetization

Monetizing Internet of Things Data

Perfect Co wanted to create a new revenue stream out of anonymized usage data from their Internet of Things (IoT) cooking devices. They needed help productizing the data, defining customers and untrap...
Engineering, Strategy, Visualization
Indonsia Climate Emissions Data Explorer

Mapping Indonesia's GHG Emissions

The World Resources Institute wanted to show how Indonesia has reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and how those reductions compared to local pledges for future reductions. We developed a new Indonsia C...
Who Votes for Mayor

Visualizing local voter turnout

The Knight Foundation wanted to understand how 35 million voters participated in their last mayoral election. Working with Portland State University, we developed a new data set and visualization plat...
Visualization, Engineering
Health Outcomes Reporting

Quantifying Health Outcomes for 100 Million People

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) needed to measure improvement in health outcomes for 100 million people. As part of the 100 Million Healthier Lives initiative, we designed and built an...
Visualization, Strategy, Engineering
Business Energy Emissions

Tracking Private Sector Contributions to Climate change

The World Resources Institute wanted to track how the private sector was commiting to reduce green house gas emissions. We delivered a dashboard and data exploration tool that makes it easy to find an...
Visualization, Engineering
Paris Contributions Tracker

Supporting Paris Climate Change Negotiations

In December 2015, 186 countries from around the world met to create a comprehensive agreement to address global warming. Prior to the Paris Summit, each country created a pledge to reduce green house...
Visualization, Engineering
Transactive Energy Dashboard

Visualizing the Next Generation of Power

The Department of Energy had to show the real-world value of the Smart Grid to partner utilities. And they needed a solution in six months. Consulting with experts in the field, we worked closely with...
Visualization, Engineering
Climate Reduction Pledge Tracker

Tracking Pledges to Reduce GHG Emissions

The World Resources Institute wanted to understand how many countries had pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and how those pledges compared across geographic and socio-economic boundaries. We...
Africa Integrity Indicators

Holding Governments Accountable for Corruption

Global Integrity had 300,000 records of legacy data from a previous system that they wanted to make available through their Indaba platform. The data had significant quality issues that made other alt...
Emissions Projections Explorer

Projecting Future Green House Gas Emissions

The World Resources Institute needed an easy way to track and compare projections for future emissions of greenhouse gasses. Building on our success with the CAIT platform, we built a new comparison t...
Climate Equity Explorer

Mapping the Equity Impacts of Climate Change

Climate change is impacting different populations in different ways. Part of the challenge creating a policy response is understanding how issues of equity compare across countries. We developed a new...
Relief Web

Mapping the impact of humanitarian response

The United Nations ReliefWeb team was planning a long-term growth strategy for the ReliefWeb.int website focused on data, but needed help laying the technology groundwork. We worked with the ReliefWeb...
Visualization, Engineering
Sales Analytics Platform

Tracking customers across digital channels

Olympus wanted to quantify the benefits of their marketing efforts to management. They had all the right data, but it was trapped in multiple places, and their IT team was already overwhelmed. They as...
Visualization, Engineering
Historic Climate Emissions Data Explorer

Understanding the Impacts of Climate Change

The World Resources Institute asked us to automate the heavy lifting of visualizing data. In three months, we used our technology to deliver a new information management platform that streamlines how...
Strategy, Visualization, Engineering
FCC Data Portal

The First Government Open Data Portal

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) needed to improve transparency by making millions of documents available to the public online. These documents were trapped in legacy databases, and the age...
Strategy, Visualization, Engineering