World Resources Institute launches new data visualization website

World Resources Institute (WRI) CAIT portal website:

We are proud to announce the release the new World Resources Institute (WRI) CAIT portal website: For the first time in history, the leaders of the G7 most industrialized nations are talking about phasing out fossil fuels entirely. This is a great milestone for the climate scientists that have pioneered climate policy advocacy, and more recently advocacy non-profits like WRI who have helped develop a facts-based global policy debate around climate. WRI continues to publish consolidated and vetted information about climate, climate policy and the environment. This latest CAIT Data explorer website ties into a climate data portal 5 different data exploration and visualization tools that have proven their crucial value for the global climate policy community.

This website and its multiple data visualization applications are the culmination of an adventure we embarked on with the World Resources Institute 3 years ago. The CAIT (Climate Action Indicator Tools) team at WRI asked Seabourne to create an engaging web application to publish its globally celebrated climate data sets (GHG emissions, policies, climate economic and social dynamics in 180 countries). WRI has been the global reference for up-to-date climate data used by policy makers and climate stakeholders at yearly climate conferences, Davos Summit, the US State Department and other global policies venues. WRI data is rich because it includes curated sets of reliable and well-documented metrics about both the scientific and human issues behind climate policymaking. The data sets cut across time and geography with historical emissions, projections, global coverage of both climate conditions and policy-making activities%22%2C%22United%20States%20of%20America%22%2C%22Russia%22%5D), pledges and side-by-side comparison of all countries. The WRI CAIT applications include both high-level dashboard views as well as advanced research tools for data exploration and extraction.

We stepped up to the challenge and created a first CAIT data visualization tool in 2013 and more throughout 2014 and the beginning of 2015. These web applications received a strong reception from donors, policy makers, the media, climate action organizations and the public. WRI decided to upgrade them and integrate them into a single climate data portal: Today all the CAIT data visualization tools are unified and featuring the major research data sets produced by the WRI teams, outfitted with a consistent navigation system and data management back-end dashboards allowing WRI staff to update and maintain the data sources.

We look forward to continuing supporting WRI and other research, advocacy and consulting organizations in their important missions educating the world through data about issues we all care about.